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Another question we get asked a lot is “Should I build or just remodel?”  There are several ways to answer that question but it’s typically with other questions –

  • Do you like it your neighborhood/area that you are currently living in?


  • If you have kids, what school district do you want to be in?


  • Are you looking forward to retirement and don’t want to start paying on a new home loan all over again?


  • If you love your location, what would make you fall in love with your house again?  A new bathroom, a new kitchen, an additional family room or a new master suite?

How you answer these questions really will sway your decision in building a new home versus remodeling your current home. 

We can help determine what’s best for your situation by looking at your current home, hearing what you’d like to see and then deciding if it’s possible or not. We don’t charge to give you an estimate on making upgrades and then you can decide.

Palmer Custom Homes is a General Contractor.  That means we gather the right licensed workers to build your house.  We oversee the building of your home from start to finish, making sure everything is built to code, passes inspections, and that your expectations are also met. 

Don’t have plans yet, no problem.  We can connect you with a professional architect to get drawings completed.  We then take those drawings and with your help, we work up a budget that includes multiple bids in some areas and your exact wishes in others. Once all bids are in, we sit down, fine tune it and get it where you need it to be. Once the budget is set, we will settle on a percentage for our fees. 

Who controls the money – you do.  It’s your construction loan, it’s your home, and it’s your money.  We will present the invoices to you as they come in once we have documented them on the spreadsheet. We invoice our fees on a schedule that is agreed upon during the contract signing stage.

So, if you are ready to get your project underway, we are just a phone call, text message, or email away.  Let us know how we can help!

The most common question we get is “How much per square foot does it cost to build these days?”  Our common answer is “How much time do you have for the answer?” 


The cost of building a house seriously depends on every choice you make as the owner of the house.  Palmer Custom Homes is here to help you with the selections that can help reduce the cost per square foot but yet give you the major components you would like to see. 

We give you a shopping list of items you go out and select and then we help you determine the “must haves” and the “less important” items.  We get multiple bids to help in the budgeting process on items such as plumbing, electrical, framing and windows. 

We have found in our 24 years of experience that building is a give and take experience but once a budget has been established, it makes it easier to identify the items that can adjusted to keep the project on budget yet not compromising the "must have" items. 

Cost is based on the decisions you make.  We work together as we go so that we can make sure your dreams become a reality yet the budget gives us guidelines to keep you where you want to be in the end.


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